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"Inspiring our youth to pursue technology careers"


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You’ve completed your high school tech program and you’re feeling good, but now you’re wondering,

Blacks Gone Geek exists to connect technology professionals everywhere with others who work, study and live around them. We are joined together by our common interest to promote careers in technology.

This global initiative serves as a catalyst for change by providing a platform for telling people in our network about career opportunities, technology conferences, computer competitions, college scholarships, technology programs, summer internships, and much much more. We call this “keepin’ IT real”.

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Curriculum, Training and CSTA

BDPA Youth Programs


Your Future in IT Starts Today


Fermilab TARGET Program

Featured Curriculum - The Exploring Computer Science Curriculum

100 Incredible Open Courses for the Ultimate Tech Geek

More on Free Curriculum
Computer Science Curriculum in our High Schools
Oracle provides free training for teachers

About CSTA
The Computer Science Teachers Association is a membership organization that supports and promotes the teaching of computer science and other computing disciplines.

Check out this CSTA newsletter

Careers in CS


Scholarships and Awards Programs


70+ Diversity Scholarships and Fellowships with Late Fall Deadlines‏


Planning and Preparing for College (Scholarships, Internships, Etc) Blog


Affordable Engineering Degrees​



National Engineering Design Challenge Registration Opens September 1st


Dell Social Innovation Competition


Pre-K, Middle School, High School Programs


EPGY Summer Institutes -

Computer and Video Production Camps -

Computer ID Tech Camps -


Chicago Academy of Advanced Technology (CAAT)

CAAT is a new Chicago public high school designed and led by the Center for Polytechnical Education, with strong support from private sector technology leaders and entrepreneurs. Students learn through practical, hands-on experience, mentorship and a curriculum infused with 21st century skills and an aptitude to succeed.


College Programs


After School Programs

Comcast, One Economy Rollout National Digital Connectors Program in 22 Locations, Increasing Digital Literacy Skills, Leadership Training and Digital Community Service




BETF Youtube Program

Junior Engineering Technical Society (JETS)

Illinois Technology Foundation

Empowering Leadership Alliance

Broadening Participation in Computing (BPC)

Coalition of Diversity Computing


Community Programs

BDPA Education and Technology Foundation

The PhD Project

BDPA Chicago Student Empowerment Retreat



Community Programs - Youth Technology Corps


August 9, 2009: Over seventy five youth from Illinois and North Carolina unite to achieve the common goal of delivering working computers to five North Carolina communities.


Summer Camps

T.A.G.S. (Technically Inspiring Global Students) Summer Camp 2010

High schoolers to get glimpse of technology careers at annual Vision camp March 26-28 at Purdue University

Links to the Best Summer Programs

Technology Schools


Teen Blogs

Teen Ink-

For Volunteers

Blacks Gone Geek Volunteer Opportunities


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