Sunday, May 20, 2012

Is Anybody Out There?

I attended the CIO Forum last week. I talked to a few CIOs but more importantly I sat on a panel and talked about cloud computing. If anybody remembers time sharing applications like IBM’s TSO (Time Sharing Option), it’s what cloud computing is all about. When you develop applications in the cloud, you don’t have to host equipment and worry about software and hardware platforms. You share the environment with other folks and reduce your costs due to economies of scale. That’s the upside. The downside is that you lose some custom capabilities. You can’t customize in the cloud like you can on your own equipment. So you have to figure out other ways to architect solutions within the constraints you’ve been given.

Are there any aspiring CIOs in the audience? Blacks Gone Geek is all about promoting African Americans in IT. We do this by hosting discussions and dialogue on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Join in the discussion!

We get a lot of job postings and people looking for talent. If you’re an aspiring CIO you should speak up. We have executives and hiring managers in the Blacks Gone Geek community who can help you plan your next career move. We’ve done several reports and research studies on IT career paths. Check out our research on “typical IT career paths” the link below.

Are there any job seekers in the audience? I worked with a Community Career Center in Naperville and created a Job Search Work Team (JSWT) program using the Pierson Methodology. We have all of the material that you would need to start your own job search work team. We envisioned a demand for this very effective job search from community based organizations, churches, associations and non-profits. We can help you get started.

And finally, are there any aspiring consultants out there? We recently started a consulting practice and our customer base has grown. We’ve successfully transitioned 9 websites from Microsoft Office Live for Small Business to Office 365 and now we’re expanding our Office 365 service offering and building our cloud essentials competencies in website development, portals/collaboration, content management and communications using Microsoft Lync 2010. We’re growing into the enterprise Office 365 platform and looking for volunteers interested in developing cloud essentials competencies.

Is anybody out there? It's time for your voice to be heard!!

Live long and prosper!

Milt Haynes, Founder and Chief Architect
Blacks Gone Geek

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