Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Skills Needed for IT Internships

by Shatari Pinson

The good news is there is a wide array of various IT jobs and internships available today. What people should know is that the skills needed for these opportunities can vary from company to company. Job and intern seekers need to stay abreast of skills requirements in order to stay competitive and marketable in the IT workforce.

To support awareness of varying skill requirements I have completed research to allow students the opportunity to prepare for the competitive job market. The companies included in this study all have different visions and goals for their business. Each company has different skill set requirements to stay competitive in a global environment.

This study provides the knowledge needed when researching various internship opportunities.

Click Skills Needed for IT Internships to read the full study. http://www.blacksgonegeek.org/Pages/2010SkillsNeededforITInternships.aspx

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