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The Value of Sharing 

When I first saw this page it looked like a mess to me. A hodgepodge of links loosely categorized and approximating the steps of a job hunt or the sections in a career plan. As I investigated further and clicked a few links, I began to see the method to the madness. It was a diamond in the rough, waiting for a skilled artisan like me to see the facets of the shimmering prize hidden beneath the rubble. The links took me to a treasure trove of knowledge, tips and best practices I could use to advance my career. That’s when I realized the value of sharing. That’s when I began to pay it forward and share my links with the knowledge community every day.

What is a Knowledge Community?

Formerly known as a discourse community and having evolved from forums and web forums, knowledge communities are now often referred to as a community of practice or virtual community of practice. Knowledge communities nurture and facilitate ongoing relationships and a Knowledge Ecosystem where ideas are exchanged on an ongoing basis. Knowledge value is generated (derived, realized) during the transactional nature of the exchange.

PR 3:5 Trust in the LORD with all your heart
and lean not on your own understanding;

If you take one step in faith, the Lord will work it out!

Tips and tools for your job search:

Are you ready?
Access O*Net to inventory your skills.
Job Seeker Guides
Plan Your Work. Work Your Plan
He who fails to plan is planning to fail. -Winston Churchill
Failure is not an option. -Gene Kranz, Flight Director NASA, During the Apollo 13 Crisis

Finding the Best Career Objective

The purpose of a career objective is to tell the employer what it is that you want to do. The rest of the resume focuses on supporting this objective and convincing the employer of your ability to do it.
15+ Resume Objective Statement Examples & How to Write Yours

Resources for Job Seekers with Disabilities
​Boost Job Search Success with a Handbill and a Strategic Self-Marketing Plan


  • Summary about you

  • Significant achievements

  • What you would like to do

  • Who you want to meet (titles or names)

  • Companies you wish to contact

Your Personal Brand Will Make or Break You

Social Media and Job Search

Learn about P.I.E. (Performance, Image, Exposure) and how it impacts your career. 

Interviewing Tips

Networking Tips


Negotiating Tips

Should You Accept the Offer?
After You Accept the Offer
Time Management, Financial Management and Stress Management Tips
How to Build a Prosperous IT Career

Teach Me a Tool

Windows Media Encoder

A free tool you can use to do screen captures with voice over.​

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