Saturday, September 17, 2011

Job Hunters – A Resource Guide to Landing the Job

Samantha, a student at the Coastal Academy in California, found a really nice resource website for job seekers. It’s got links to resources and tips on resume/curriculum vitae, cover letter, interview etiquette, follow-up, career websites and staffing agencies. Thanks Samantha!

Finding a career you enjoy is a worthwhile endeavor, but it does take some legwork on your part to get the job of your dreams. Today’s employers want to get a comprehensive look at their potential employees before they make a hiring decision. As a job seeker, understanding the information that businesses are looking for can mean the difference between getting hired and just adding your resume to their files. It is essential to understand the process and know where to look for the job that will be the right fit for you.

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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Chronicles of an IT Job Seeker-Job Search is a Team Sport!

This has been an exciting week! I joined a Job Search Work Team where I learned about the Pierson Method. Now I'm convinced that finding a job is a team sport. It's like basketball, football and soccer, it takes a group of people working together toward common goals to win on the field.

What is a Job Search Work Team?

A job search work team is:

  • a group of people committed to helping each other in job search by keeping each other focused on key tasks and accountable for getting them done.
  • an advisory panel that knows you and your search and can provide good answers to the questions that come up in job hunting.
  • an opportunity for job hunters to share information and information sources, so everyone gets smarter about the job market.
  • a core network for its members.
  • a project management team.
  • a way to make the sometimes difficult job of job hunting easier and more pleasant.

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