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The Problem: A large pool of Black technical talent is being virtually ignored.

The Solution: We help you stay connected with talented and successful African Americans in IT.

Blacks Gone Geek is a social networking initiative dedicated to promoting African Americans in IT. We call this "Keepin' IT Real".

Our Vision

Blacks Gone Geek serves to inspire a new generation of African Americans to consider and select IT careers, as well enthuse interest and promote technology; ultimately increasing African Americans’ participation in IT.

Our Mission

Create and proliferate a social networking culture to promote African Americans in IT by providing access to the very best talent, whenever and wherever its needed

I'm proud of my Dad, Milton H. Haynes Jr. Back in 1975 when I was coding on IBM 360 series mainframe computers in COBOL and Assembler, he was coding in basic on a Radio Shack TRS80 computer. 
This goes back a long time ago before floppy disks, jump drives, CDs and DVDs. How far back? My Dad used a cassette recorder for offline storage. And now cassettes have gone the way of the 8 track players, but my Dad, bless his soul, is still online with his PC at age 86. Go Dad!!

As they say, "the fruit doesn't fall too far from the tree", so to give fellow geeks like me a forum for sharing fresh perspectives, I founded Blacks Gone Geek on October 30, 2007 when I created this website. Shortly thereafter I created a blog, a podcast and a discussion group and the rest is history!

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