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Coaches Corner is a collection of career coaching and job-seeking advice from a group of expert technology career coaches from across the United States. In this session, the panel answers the following question:

In light of the troubling economic climate and tightening job market, what is the one thing that job seekers must do in order to be successful in landing a good job and advancing their careers?
Establish Your Web Presence
It is important that you establish your Web Presence because if you do, the market will seek you out. This means that you have to develop your personal brand, market identity and your competitive edge and make sure that it is easily accessible on the internet. What makes you different and better than the next person? How have you distinguished yourself in your career? You have to identify your special talents and range of experiences that exhibit your commitment to excel in this challenging job market. This is what you need to present a compelling argument for being the best qualified for any particular job. Establishing a profile is the fastest and easiest way to establish your web presence. Also make sure to use a professional profile picture. A picture is worth a thousand words!
~Milt Haynes, Founder of Blacks Gone Geek, a social networking initiative dedicated to promoting African Americans in IT. 

How to Get The Job Despite Your Limits In Your Schedule
Job searching can really be daunting especially when you have limitations. It makes the application process scarier. However, despite the limits that you have, it is still possible for you to prove your worth to the company you are applying for. If you are interested in a full-time position, but you can only work part-time, there is still a great chance for you to get hired as long as you demonstrate your value to your potential employer.
~Dr. Cherry A. Collier, Ph.D., MCC, CNLPMC, RCC, CPCC, Chief Collaboration Officer, Master Certified Executive Coach & Inclusion Strategist
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Job Seeking in a Troubling Economic Climate
Right Personal Product + Right Situation = Hired. When you are seeking a job in today’s competitive job market, you are selling a product. That product is YOU. Selling requires defining your personal product (skills, capabilities, value you can offer, and what makes you unique), targeting your job search on situations that cry out for you, creating awareness of your product, connecting with hiring decision makers, convincing decision makers to hire you, and closing the deal.

~Linwood Bailey, Founder and Owner, Fields of Success, a company that delivers coaching solutions and services that empowers corporate professionals to manage their most important economic asset—their careers.   
Incorporate the Six Degrees of Separation Theory
Degrees of Separation theory (a.k.a. the "Human Web") refers to the idea that everyone is no more than six contacts away from each person on the planet.

It is still a highly reported statistic that 60% or more of job opportunities are obtained by who you know or who knows you. In other words, through networking. Be willing to maximize the connections you may already have. Put together a list of the top 10 to 15 companies in which you are most interested in obtaining a position and then begin to search your personal and professional network. Ask “Who do you know that has a relationship with the company, or who has direct hiring responsibility?” If you have done a good, or should I say, great job building rapport, trust and credibility beforehand, you are more likely to yield a few valuable introductions.

Be sure to have a few powerful and positive success stories to share. Remember, those in your network are more willing to contribute to your success if they know you are reputable and will add value. This is a key decision one makes before they will put their reputation on the line. So, be extraordinary with the contacts in your network and with the contacts obtained through your network.
~Patricia E. Perkins, CPCC – CEO, Exodus Coaching, a leadership and life coaching firm focused on helping leaders speak so others listen and lead so others follow,​​

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