Monday, September 14, 2015

Be Happy - Happiness Course

To: BGG Community

Now that I'm an empty nester I get a chance to pursue some topics just for fun. It's not all about the geek stuff anymore! LOL.

I sent out a blog post a couple of months ago on a few books on happiness I recently read and liked. Now I tripped over a free course on happiness and positive psychology that take the happiness theme to a whole new level. This is exciting stuff!

Here's the link to my blog post.

Here's a blurb on the online course info. We're starting up a study group too.

Please check out this course. The first online class is on Tuesday. I’m looking for somebody to take it with. It’s free!
GG101x The Science of Happiness

If I get enough interest (we need 10-15 people to start), we can form an online study group. See description below.

Happy Geeks are students interested in promoting their careers in technology. Looking for a job in technology is like riding an emotional roller coaster, it's full of ups and downs. One day you feel hopeful and the next day you receive a rejection letter and you hopes are dashed to the ground. We want to learn and practice positive psychology tools and techniques to live a happy and meaningful life. We meet virtually every Thursday evening at 8pm central time. Anyone with an interest in technology careers is welcome to join.

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