Sunday, September 4, 2011

Chronicles of an IT Job Seeker-Job Search is a Team Sport!

This has been an exciting week! I joined a Job Search Work Team where I learned about the Pierson Method. Now I'm convinced that finding a job is a team sport. It's like basketball, football and soccer, it takes a group of people working together toward common goals to win on the field.

What is a Job Search Work Team?

A job search work team is:

  • a group of people committed to helping each other in job search by keeping each other focused on key tasks and accountable for getting them done.
  • an advisory panel that knows you and your search and can provide good answers to the questions that come up in job hunting.
  • an opportunity for job hunters to share information and information sources, so everyone gets smarter about the job market.
  • a core network for its members.
  • a project management team.
  • a way to make the sometimes difficult job of job hunting easier and more pleasant.

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