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Dr. Cherry A. Collier

Lastly, personality is equally important. Efficiency and competence are both important in doing a job. However, those would be pointless if your attitude at work is not good. Showing a good sense of professionalism and good work ethics would always put you a bar higher. In my years of observing job seekers, I saw that some of them were turned down despite their competence. The reason is poor attitude. Hence, during the interview, it would be nice to put your best put forward by showing your outstanding personal attributes. This would give a positive impression to your potential employer and might reconsider to hire you despite the limit in your schedule.
To wrap up, limits certainly impede chances of getting hired in a company. However, when you show your worth and prove that you could be an asset to the company, employers would reconsider hiring you. Demonstrating a combination of efficiency, competence, and a good attitude will help you get the job that you like.
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