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2012 IT Job Outlook - Blacks Gone Geek Readers Poll - Survey Results

Stay Current!

To be successful in this ever changing IT industry, you have to know what’s HOT so you can keep your skills current. This is where we could use your help. It’s your opinion that matters. How do you see the job outlook for technology workers in 2012? What is the one thing that job seekers must do in order to advance their careers in 2012?

Survey Results Observations

1) 61% of the survey respondents are IT Professionals (e.g. individual contributor, consultant, contractor) and 23% are in management. This is a demographic consistent with the Blacks Gone Geek online community and also for African Americans in IT.

2) 88.5% of the respondents think the job market is the same or improving and only 11.5% think the job market is in decline. This is consistent with the national sentiment that things are getting better.

3) Careers in the cloud scored high in all categories.

4) Project management and business analysis are still strong career choices, however, the # 1 choice was Cyber Security Specialist.

5) The top 5 IT functional areas:

a. Applications Development/Solutions Delivery

b. IT Leadership & Governance

c. Customer Relationship Management

d. Infrastructure Management

e. Enterprise Architecture

6) Best Advice:

a. Stay current!

b. Network

c. Embrace lifelong learning

d. Update skills and comfort level with new technology, especially in all things dealing with private and hybrid cloud and mobile applications.

e. Be technically proficient and know how the technology translates into benefits to the business process

What is the Wisdom of the Crowd?

The wisdom of the crowd refers to the process of taking into account the collective opinion of a group of individuals rather than a single expert to answer a question. Join the experiment. Join the discussion on the Blacks Gone GeekJob Seekers Forum to share your observations and recommendations.

Thanks! Blacks Gone Geek thanks the 78 respondents who took the time to share their opinion.

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