Saturday, February 9, 2013

A Job within a job…

by Eric B. Horn

I’ve heard that finding a job is a job within itself.  It takes a lot of time, energy, and patience to obtain an employment opportunity.  Contrary to popular belief, jobs are available; they are just HIDDEN from the masses. You must navigate your job search differently to become successful.  I will touch on four key points that have gotten a mass amount of job hunters the opportunity of their dreams.

1. Have a target list of 25 – 50 companies that you want to work for. Start treating your job search the same way a surgeon treats his patients, with laser sharp precision and little room for error.  In 2013, blindly posting your resume on multiple job websites is a waste of YOUR time and effort.  Having a list will keep you focused on the companies that you really want to work for, but more importantly keeps you away from the companies that you don’t want to work for.

2. Develop a Routine – From getting up at the same time in the morning to scheduling your informal interviews, developing a routine is extremely important when looking for a job.  Developing a routine will also keep you on track with everything you have to do that day.  Furthermore, the most important piece of having a routine is incorporating the discipline needed to effortlessly transition from being unemployed to being employed.

3. Implement the 2, 5, 1 Rule – When searching for a job, one of the most valuable resources you have are people.  Knowing this, every week you should meet at least two new people, catch up with five people in your existing network, and have one face-to-face meeting.  The overall objective of this rule is to keep your network of people “warm” so when you need to ask for assistance; such as letting you know about any job leads; it will not feel like you are taking to a total stranger.  Trust me this rule works like a charm!!!

4. Calling on a higher power for help – Everyday ask for GOD to open up an avenue of employment and he WILL answer your prayers.  :)

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