Tuesday, February 22, 2022

The Employment Scam - Forewarned Is Forearmed

Hello BDPA and BGG Family,

I just heard that Earl Pace passed (https://bdpa.org/earl-pace/). I think he’s kicking me from the grave. He taught me the importance of helping the community learn from our challenges to make this world a better place. Rest in peace my brother! 

I haven’t been active on social media for a while, but something happened to me and I just have to talk about it. I’m a victim of an employment scam. I applied for a job online, got interviewed, got an offer letter, took the job, started my first day, went through orientation a team meeting and then scheduled for one-on-one with the COO, only to find out it was all a scam.

Yes, they got my personal information and now I’m sure I’m on the dark web as a gullible target for identity theft.

I’m going to tell my story, not like Shonda and Inventing Anna, but it’s amazing what they went through to make this all look legit. I’m hoping to protect other innocent victims from the same mistakes I made and the ensuing shame and embarrassment.

My 89 year old dad used to say, “forewarned is forearmed” (it short for the proverb: “prior knowledge of possible dangers or problems gives one a tactical advantage.”)

I’m all about helping others to keep from falling into the same traps that befell me.

Stay tuned…

Milton Haynes

Past National BDPA President

Founder, Blacks Gone Geek

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