Sunday, June 24, 2012

Whatever You Do: Don't Settle

Fear is a powerful force which frequently impedes the ability of those in the business community to realize the fullest measure of their companies’ missions. The fear of rejection, failure, and success are particularly instrumental in keeping talented, motivated professionals operating lower than their full capacity. Lack of investment, lessened productivity, poor morale, absenteeism, and turnover are often symptoms of this root issue. These all have a profound effect on the success and profitability of companies.

My company "E3+Fire" exists to enlighten, energize, and equip those in the business community to break through these barriers. I help company leaders create environments of safety which enhance productivity. I teach about the anatomy of fear and ways to transcend it. Practical exercises provide opportunities for participants' to apply these principles within the learning environment. This immediate application increases the likelihood participants’ will experience lasting change. Leaders learn the value of consistently recognizing the contributions of those they manage. Through this validation, employees experience greater confidence and a sense of significance. This directly results in increased investment, productivity, and morale while lessening absenteeism and turnover. These powerful principles create stronger companies which are far more profitable. For more information regarding these breakthrough insights, visit

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