Friday, August 9, 2013

Sears’ Milt Haynes oversees knowledge management

This former national BDPA president graduated with U.S. President Barack Obama. Now he’s a knowledge manager at Sears, and runs a global group for blacks in technology

'I graduated from Columbia University in 1983, the same year and in the same class as President Obama,” notes Milt Haynes, “but he took a slightly different path than me.”

Haynes is a knowledge manager at Sears Holdings Corporation (Hoffman Estates, IL), where he ensures that IT knowledge, intellectual capital and experience are shared throughout the organization.

“My interest in computers started when I was a kid in Chicago, with Star Trek,” he says. “Mr Spock always seemed to have a logical solution to any problem. That made me think that if I had a computer, I could do that too.

Special thanks to the folks at Diversity Careers Magazine for this article. I've known them for years and highly recommend this best in class magazine and website for keeping up with the latest industry news, careers guides and job postings. 

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Milt Haynes

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